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Each of us sometimes needs to secure our files and data. The most effective way to secure data is to encrypt it. The security of our files is our right. Our files are our property. How to secure your files with encryption?

1. Choose an encryption tool

There are many file encryption tools. We recommend using a tool that you do not need to install on your computer. There will be no trace of which tool you used on your computer. I personally have a great experience with an online file free encryption tool It will encrypt your files well. This tool is developed by a company in Eastern Europe. This has several advantages. World authorities have trouble communicating with the company.

2. Encrypt your file

Use an encryption tool You can use a VPN connection to be sure. Select the file to encrypt and set the encryption key. This is your password, which you will need in the future when you want to decrypt the file. Set the encryption key as lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers and special characters. The encryption key should be at least 12 characters long. Now wait for the service to encrypt your file and then save the encrypted file to your computer.

3. Delete evidence

Deleting the original file is not enough, because deleted files can be recovered using special software. You need to do the following step. Save the downloaded encrypted file in the same directory as the original file. Rename the downloaded encrypted file so that it has exactly the same name as the original file. You overwrite the original file with the new file. You can also completely delete the original file using overwrite software - eraser. It will not be possible to restore the original file on your computer. Clear the history of your Internet browser so that it is not easy to find out which tool you used to encrypt the file.

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4. Done

Your file is safely stored on your computer or USB drive. Result: The original file cannot be restored. The new file is encrypted in an unknown way. There are no traces of the original file. No one or any authority can decrypt your file.

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